Our Story

In the midst of quite possibly the worst year on record, I started day-dreaming of better days. Of days spent basking under the sun and lounging under striped umbrellas. Of crisp tennis whites, and perfectly manicured lawns. Of salty adventures in foreign waters, sipping local wine, or whisking away on a boat to lands unknown. Soon my daydreams formed a clear vision. A vision that would become the first collection for CJ Club.

CJ Club is inspired by swimwear of the past, manufactured with eco-friendly fabrics designed for the future. Each handmade piece features custom prints, cuts and styles that channel vintage luxury aesthetics, with unique modern interpretations perfect for the present day. Made with a passion for the environment, a lust for vintage nostalgia, and a desire to inspire more carefree times, CJ Club invites you to join in on the fun.

 So, what do you need to join? Well, just grab a bikini and throw on smile. Oh, and a wine glass probably wouldn’t hurt either.

 Just remember… Leisure is an attitude. Welcome to the club.

 Xo - Carlee Snyder